Making some lovely sentences in Japan :D

Hello guys 🙂
I’m sorry i hardly ever update my blog

Now i will tell you how to make a good sentences in Japanese,

Okay I’ll give you some patterns and examples :

1. (Subject) wa (Adverb of place) de (noun) wo (Verb)

This pattern explain what do you/she/he do something/ do something with noun in somewhere

Examples :
1.1. Watashi wa Toshokan de Hon wo Yomimasu
(I read book in the Library) ; PS: Toshokan : Library (as a building) / Library Tower , Toshoshitsu : Library (as a room) / Library room.

1.2. Suzuki-san wa tomodachi to Firuudo de Sakka wo Shimasu
(Suzuki and his friends play soccer on the field);
Notes :
(Every sports) + wo shimasu; means Do (that) sports
Examples :
Sakka wo shimasu (Play soccer)
Tenisu wo shimasu (Play Tennis)
“to” means with

1.3.Ari-chan wa uchi de shukudai wo shimasu
(Ari do her homework at home)

2. (Subject / Noun) wa (Adjective) desu.(Demo / Soshite) (adjective) desu.

That pattern explain 2 adjective of a Noun / Subject in two sentences

Examples :
2.1 Ano otoko wa hansamu desu. Soshite Shinsetsu desu
(That Man is Handsome.And He’s polite)
(+ Adjective) Soshite (+Adjective)
(- Adjective) Soshite ( – Adjective)

2.2 Kono keitai denwa wa Furui desu. Demo benri desu.
(This Cell Phone is old. But it’s practical)
(+ Adjective) Demo (- Adjective)
(-Adjective) Demo (+Adjective)

1. “Demo” means But
2. “Soshite” means And (to chain the sentences before)

That’s enough for this post 🙂
I Hope it helps you to understanding Japanese
Thank you

If you have some Question, just comment on this post


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