I don’t know When I’ll go to Japan

Hello Friends 🙂
Now I’ll tell you how to make a good sentences that explain “when”

Okay, Firstly I’ll give you exception on date write.

1st date : Tsuitachi
2nd date : Futsuka
3rd date : Mikka
4th date : Yokka
5th date : Itsuka
6th date : Muika
7th date : Nanoka
8th date : Youka
9th date : Kokonoka
10th date : Tooka
14th date : Jyuu yokka
20th date : Hatsuka
24th date : Ni jyuu yokka

Notes :
Besides those explain “what date” it can also explain “how long (how many days)”

And now the Months :

1st Month : Ichi gatsu
2nd Month : Ni gatsu
3rd Month : San gatsu
4th Month : Shi gatsu
5th Month : Go gatsu
6th Month : Roku gatsu
7th Month : Nana gatsu
8th Month : Hachi gatsu
9th Month : Kyuu / Kuu gatsu
10th Month : Jyuu / Juu gatsu
11th Month : Jyuu ichi gatsu
12th Month : Jyuu ni gatsu

Now the years and weeks (past,now,future)

Kongetsu : This Month
Kotoshi : This Year
Konshuu : This Week

Sengetsu : Last Month
Kyounen : Last Year
Senshuu : Last Week

Raigetsu : Next Month
Rainen : Next year
Raishuu : Next Week

Now check out the example :

Q : Sakura-chan wa itsu Nihon he kaerimashitaka (?)
A : Kyounen, Shi gatsu no futsuka ni kaerimashita.
(Q : When was Sakura come to Japan?)
(A : She came on 1st April Last year)

(Month) no (Date) : (Date) of (Month); Nana gatsu no Muika : 6th July
“Itsu” means when.

That’s enough for this post
If you have question just comment on My post 🙂
Thanks for your visit


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