How you say it in Japan?

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Now i’ll give you information about some daily conversation in Japan, I hope it can help you to practice your Japanese. Ok Let’s Check it Out

1. Translate some word/sentencesThe  Pattern is :

(Word/Sentences) wa (Language-go) de (Word/Sentences) desu.
Example :
[Ohayou Gozaimasu] wa [Eigo] de [Good Morning] desu.
The meaning is :
[Ohayou Gozaimasu] in English is Good Morning

If you wanna ask someone use :
[(Word/Sentences)] wa ({Language}-go) de Nan desuka.
[Good Morning] wa Nihon-go de Nan desuka
The Meaning Is :
How do you say Good Morning in Japanese?

There’s some languages in Japan :

1. Arabia-go : Arabian
2.Indonesia-go : Indonesian
3.Nihon-go : Japanese
4.Ei-go : English
5.Chuugoku-go : Chinese

Why every examples above use “go” for language??

Because “go” symbolize language.

That’s enough for this post if you have advice/critic you can give a comment on this post
I’m sorry if this post has mistakes.
Thanks for visiting My Blog 🙂



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